“Time to write and sing, to laugh, to listen, to discover, to cry, to love music.”

Jeff Buckley Book List

click here to download zip PDF file of book list

Dear Mary,

I just read your letter regarding Jeff’s personal collection of literature and I have to let you know what a special idea it would be to share those titles with us. When I see you in interviews speaking about Jeff’s childhood I often shrug my shoulders and sigh “no wonder”.

It is no wonder at all how Jeff’s unique abilities flourished under your guidance and acceptance of arts. From what I have heard in the latest documentaries, the choices you made for his early schooling were wise and progressive and you should be commended for you foresight and caring. That is why I am so touched to hear that you find it important to have someone go through and take stock of Jeff’s books. Not everyone with the thirst for knowledge and growth has had the exposure necessary to find the influences that you were able to point Jeff towards in those crucial years that you nurtured his mind. So much is lacking in our public education for music that I have often wished and wondered if you could ever organize a compilation of music that you remember moved Jeff when he was a child for new parents like myself to expose their own children to.

The stories and sounds that captured Jeff’s imagination and soul are of great interest to us all, because we love him and miss him too. We also want to bestow similar gifts that you gave to Jeff upon our own children, to help teach them about the beauty and joy that can become a part of your life when someone loves and cares for you enough to take the time to bring the words, chords and art of others, along with the freedom and acceptance to learn and create from those influences. This is what you do for us. I want you to know that I admire you as a parent. With what you share with us, you are one of the best enrichment programs we have in this country. I hope you never stop sharing and I hope you can easily see how much you bring to the world and our the kids of Jeff’s fans.

With much love,
Sandra Rosenbaum

Dear Sandra:

Your praise is very flattering, but I can’t take credit for anything more than harboring a huge respect for the intellect of my children and never, never forgetting that their capacity to understand always exceeded my perception of them. I credit my training as an assistant in a Montessori school when the boys were very young with enlightening me as to how to create the most conducive atmosphere for discussion and investigation of all kinds of intellectual endeavors. A friend once remarked, “Your kids ask you for the time, you tell them how to build a watch!”. As far as we were concerned, in my little family of three, there was no such thing as a dumb question.

They boys were active, bright and inquisitive - I just got out of their way and they did the hard work of learning - and dragged me along with them.
I was a very lucky Mom.

You can view the list of Jeff’s books by going to www.jeffbuckley.com and click in the “What’s New” section from the home page. The list is in no particular order and is available in PDF format and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader and Winzip.


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